Sunday, October 26, 2008

October 2008... Our First Halloween

October is here....
A full moon, a clear night--
witches, black cats and spiders delight!
My little scarecrow, what a sight!

It's the twins first Halloween.... I decided to get crafty and make their costumes...

They were so cute in their Wizard of Oz costumes... Casen was a little scarecrow and Emery was of course Dorothy.... and Cane... well he was Toto

Emery has just discovered her brother! Things will never be the same..
Emery is growing so fast... she is getting so long and has perfect posture! Below you can see her her first shoulder ride from Daddy... I predict many more... she loved holding onto his ears! She is babbling... high pitch screaming and smiling like crazy! They are 5 months now and so animated!
Below is the little princess in her first tutu!
She'll be twirling across the kitchen floor
before we know it!

Casen is enormous! 18 pounds and growing steady! His favorite time of day... breakfast.... then lunch.... then snack.... then dinner! He is soooo noisy.... He is babbling and talking and plays in his crib in the morning for an hour.... soooo noisy! He giggles and smiles constantly! He is rolling over and loves his johnny jumper.... he is a wiggle worm and can't sit still.... unless you are feeding him a warm bottle!

They are on their way to being six months old! Amazing... they have been here for only six months and I can't seem to remember life without them! Greg and I are enjoying every minute. We are planning on taking them to their first football game, Miami vs. Virgina Tech. They will be honoring grandpa with the unveiling of the new ring of honor at the Pro Players home of Hurrican football!

More to come in November!

Miss you all

!Greg, Summer, Casen & Emery