Thursday, November 20, 2008

November 2008... Six Months Old

Here we are....Halloween... Below is a picture of us going trick or treating for the very first time as a family! We had dinner at the Mitchell's (which is becoming a Halloween tradition) and visited a few houses in the neighborhood! We got home at 8:00 which was way past their bedtime! It was a very Happy Halloween!

Emy and Casen are now almost 6 months old.... They are discovering everything.... They love to look at patterns and grab at anything and everything! Casen loves any toy that squeeks and Emy seems to love textures.... Here is a picture where they are playing on their tummies.... both of them are rolling from tummy to back......

Here is a picture of Casen and mommy.... doing what mommy loves best.... Cuddling! Check out his black dog outfit.... Thanks mom! Can't wait for your visit....

We are getting out more and more with them....Greg and I love to take them to the park on Saturday morning.... still in their pj's.... we grab some coffee and head out for a walk and blanket time! Lakes Park is a beautiful park nearby and the weather right now in Florida is unbeatable!
Now that they are getting older they are beginning to enjoy some new gadgets we have filling our house! Casen loves his bouncer! Whether it be the rainforest stand one pictured here or the one hanging in the doorway... he loves jumping up and down! Soon he will be jumping on the beds!
Emy on the other hand.... loves swaying back and forth on her toes in the jumpers.... turning and swaying.... She loves her exersaucer... there are so many fun gadgets and lights and sounds... she is always wide eyed, like pictured here when she is in it!

Here is one of Greg's favorite picture of course.... Mr. Heisman 2028! Casen loves this little rubber football and Greg thinks it is inevitable that he will be a GREAT football player.... maybe you will see this very same photo on ESPN when they talk about him in the future during one of his NFL games!
Well I will post more pictures soon... the holidays are soooo busy!
We hope that you are all well!
Happy Thanksgiving to all! Enjoy rest, family, turkey and giggles!
For those of you up North.... stay warm.... like Emy and Casen when the weather drops to the 60's in the morning!

I think this may be the first time they have worn hats!

Sunday, October 26, 2008

October 2008... Our First Halloween

October is here....
A full moon, a clear night--
witches, black cats and spiders delight!
My little scarecrow, what a sight!

It's the twins first Halloween.... I decided to get crafty and make their costumes...

They were so cute in their Wizard of Oz costumes... Casen was a little scarecrow and Emery was of course Dorothy.... and Cane... well he was Toto

Emery has just discovered her brother! Things will never be the same..
Emery is growing so fast... she is getting so long and has perfect posture! Below you can see her her first shoulder ride from Daddy... I predict many more... she loved holding onto his ears! She is babbling... high pitch screaming and smiling like crazy! They are 5 months now and so animated!
Below is the little princess in her first tutu!
She'll be twirling across the kitchen floor
before we know it!

Casen is enormous! 18 pounds and growing steady! His favorite time of day... breakfast.... then lunch.... then snack.... then dinner! He is soooo noisy.... He is babbling and talking and plays in his crib in the morning for an hour.... soooo noisy! He giggles and smiles constantly! He is rolling over and loves his johnny jumper.... he is a wiggle worm and can't sit still.... unless you are feeding him a warm bottle!

They are on their way to being six months old! Amazing... they have been here for only six months and I can't seem to remember life without them! Greg and I are enjoying every minute. We are planning on taking them to their first football game, Miami vs. Virgina Tech. They will be honoring grandpa with the unveiling of the new ring of honor at the Pro Players home of Hurrican football!

More to come in November!

Miss you all

!Greg, Summer, Casen & Emery


Monday, September 22, 2008

September 2008... Four Months Old

Four Months Old.... And Loving It!

Emery and Casen are four months old.... wow....time goes by so quickly...

Casen is already 16 pounds! He is Mommy's little big boy!
He started eating cereal... and guess what... He LOVES it! He is loving sweet potato and pears, but is not a fan of carrots! He is quite the little personality in his high chair.... He is all smiles when the spoon is coming his way and has even fallen asleep once while eating! They are so amazing.....

Emy is eating cereal as well and is gobbling up pears and papaya. She loves her fruit just like her grammy! She is now close to 12 pounds and as long as a string bean. She smiles on cue and is just remarkable. Her babbling is more high pitched and sounds like mini screams... that go right through Greg. She is exploring blowing bubbles and sticking out her tongue... I will try to get a picture. She is sleeping through the night and goes down with little complaint. We sure are enjoying her! And Paca can't get enough!

The Bosseler side of the family from Miami were all able to get together as we celebrated the baptism of Emery and Casen on August 30th. It was very special and beautiful. We missed all who could not be there! The children were very content to have the water poured over their little heads! We had no crying... except for me. We had a luncheon after. It was so nice to relax and enjoy family for an afternoon. We baptized the twins on my mother's birthday.... we missed you mom.... but can't wait for your upcoming visit.

Their first communion is around the corner!

Sunday, September 7, 2008

August 2008... Lazy Days

Lazy Days....
Our days our filled with cuddling, snuggling... and lots of love!

Casen is amazing! Not only is he topping the charts with his weight gain, he is growing in other amazing ways. He rolled over from his stomach to his back for the first time last week and you would have thought that my son accomplished something that no one else on this planet has ever accomplished! Greg and I were ecstatic to say the least... Anyway, he now does it regularly and is starting to participate in very intellectual conversation.... babbling with us! He is wonderful at turn taking.... and waits patiently for us to repeat the sound he has invented... usually ugggh or ahhh!

Emery is a beautiful little angel! She is growing... just not at an alarming rate! She is strong and healthy and full of expression. She is not a fan of tummy time but has great posture and head control when sitting up. It is amazing how different they are! She is a great sleeper and usually sleeps throughout the night... 7 pm until 6 am... Yeah! She is full of smiles! To have your child smile at you for the first time is a moment that I shall cherish throughout my lifetime! She smiles often at the sound of my voice and to my face. She is actually boardering on a giggle when I really get her going. She also seems to understand peek-a-boo! My now favorite game! She is actually sleeping on my lap as I am typing this. Her hair, growing at a steady rate, seems to always smell like lavendar. What can I say... I am in love!

Greg is busy... busy... busy.... conquering the legal community in trial and settling cases in the name of justice. He is also training for the Disney marathon.... reffing highshcool football on the weekends and competing to be the #1 father for 2008! My current list of things I'm involved in is much smaller on paper.... but like I tell everyone... this is the hardest, most at stake, rewarding job I have ever had!

Greg and I are simply loving this! I have to thank Angie for getting me interested in this blogging. What a great way to keep in touch with friends and relatives a far!