Tuesday, March 29, 2011

February 2011... February Fun

February Fun

We had a busy month. The kids are growing up so fast. Below are some pictures of our February. Cooper and I signed up for a music class. The twins did a few of them when they were little and loved Music Time. Cooper followed in their footsteps. He loved the scarves and learned how to walk during the course of the classes. He explored more and more each week.

Casen and I had the opportunity to have a mommy and Casen day. We joined the MOPS group at the local fire station for a puppet show and to explore a fire truck. Below are some pictures of our our trip. Casen is in love with trucks so this was a very special afternoon for him... and me....

Emy and I went to a birthday party for our little friend Lily. It was a great afternoon of climbing and swinging. To see Emy climbing the jungle gym all by herself was a moment of realization. I realized how independent and big she has gotten. The picture below captures her looking over the side of a wall after climbing up by herself. She yelled out "mommy, look Emy" Where has my little baby gone? What a beautiful little girl.

We spend a lot of our time on the weekends at the park. Cooper is getting so big and running with the twins now. These times are so amazing and special... watching them play and explore and watching Greg with them helping and protecting them on all the equipment. I can't believe we are entering into the child phase.... the babies have grown.... the toddlers are growing and here come the children.....

We have even signed up for soccer..... below are some pictures of Emy practicing with her Paci.... We can't wait for our upcoming family Disney trip and for soccer season.