Monday, September 22, 2008

September 2008... Four Months Old

Four Months Old.... And Loving It!

Emery and Casen are four months old.... wow....time goes by so quickly...

Casen is already 16 pounds! He is Mommy's little big boy!
He started eating cereal... and guess what... He LOVES it! He is loving sweet potato and pears, but is not a fan of carrots! He is quite the little personality in his high chair.... He is all smiles when the spoon is coming his way and has even fallen asleep once while eating! They are so amazing.....

Emy is eating cereal as well and is gobbling up pears and papaya. She loves her fruit just like her grammy! She is now close to 12 pounds and as long as a string bean. She smiles on cue and is just remarkable. Her babbling is more high pitched and sounds like mini screams... that go right through Greg. She is exploring blowing bubbles and sticking out her tongue... I will try to get a picture. She is sleeping through the night and goes down with little complaint. We sure are enjoying her! And Paca can't get enough!

The Bosseler side of the family from Miami were all able to get together as we celebrated the baptism of Emery and Casen on August 30th. It was very special and beautiful. We missed all who could not be there! The children were very content to have the water poured over their little heads! We had no crying... except for me. We had a luncheon after. It was so nice to relax and enjoy family for an afternoon. We baptized the twins on my mother's birthday.... we missed you mom.... but can't wait for your upcoming visit.

Their first communion is around the corner!

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