Monday, January 21, 2013

Happy Anniversary....

Greg and I celebrated our 8th anniversary this year on January 8th.   I can't believe we have been together for 10 years.... and married for 8.  In December, we visited Washington where he proposed at the Lincoln Memorial.... and on the weekend of our anniversary we were able to escape for a night to the Inn on 5th in Naples.  It was nice to get away to celebrate "us".....
It is much needed to reconnect and remember and strengthen the foundation on which all this is built.

I can dwell so often on things when life is hectic.... kids are grumpy and laundry and dishes are piled up before me.... I can get wrapped up in the business of it all.... with one thing in sight.... "getting it done".

But done?.... done is such a final word.... I am rushing always to "get it done", when there are so many things that I never want to be done....
morning snuggles....
being able to kiss away boo-boo's and fears
discovering the world together
reading books together
leisurely Sunday family mornings
playing in our pj's
arts & crafts
pushing little ones to the moon on the swing
sunset family golf cart rides
family vacations
church together
watching our kids grow up

I never want these things to be done.... and in those moments....wrapped up in pushing time along.... I am speeding things up.... pushing them on without any realization of the things I may be missing in those moments.... 

I pray.... I pray that God can help me to savor each and every blessing.... search out the mysteries of the moment and lessons in the mundane.  I praise Him for all that he has blessed us with, that he protect our marriage and love and continue to guide us in raising our children he has entrusted us with.  I pray that he bless my husband... the head of this house.... our home.... 
Strengthen our marriage and restore any weakness in this foundation.  That even though life is ever changing..... that we may be able to adjust to the times and continue in strength and in love.

Happy Anniversary

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