Sunday, November 1, 2015

2015 Happy 7th Birthday…. to Emery

Happy Birthday baby girl…. flamingo style!
What a fun party… from the planning to the decorating to the games.  I'm sorry to say this at times…. and don't tell Greg…. but I see a lot of myself in Emery.  She is detailed oriented and loves organization.  I hope she manages it better than I do…. but that is for another entry.  
Her party was a blast!  It was amazing to watch her with her friends.  She has this leadership quality to her. Her friends want to know what she thinks…. I want to know what she thinks.  She is fun spirited and full of life….loud and dramatic….the life of a party.  
She is an amazing little girl and one of my greatest accomplishments!  I love her strength and spirit.  My biggest prayer for her is that she never loses that.
Seven years and you have changed me in ways I can't even express or have even begun to understand.
I love you with my entire being.

Happy Birthday darling.

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