Monday, March 19, 2012

March 2012: Choo-Choo

We visited one of our favorite local parks one morning.  The weather was beautiful!  We started with a sprinkle donut at Dunkin Donuts.... The little things.... I am reminded of how important they are.... especially when I see the reaction on my Emy's face over all the colored sprinkles.... 

We climbed and slid and swung to our hearts content.  We visited the choo-choo train museum and watched the little model trains make their trips around the tracks.  Casen lights up when we walk in the building.... he is aware of all the sounds and points out little details to anyone who will listen.   

We enjoyed ice-cream and then picked up Cooper from his morning pre-school program.  

Later that day I set up the sinks for some water play for Emy and Cooper while Casen napped.  

Another great day on our Spring Break Adventure....

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