Monday, March 19, 2012

March 2012: Zoo ba lee Zoo & Alphabet Soup

 Zoo ba lee Zoo & Alphabet Soup

Today the twins and I spent the day at the Naples Zoo... We strolled the park, checked out the monkeys and nibbled on popcorn.  By far the favorite of the day was the playground.  The kids just love climbing!  And they are getting so good at it.... This is when I realize just how big and old they are getting.... to see them up so high, figuring things out and getting around obstacles.  Wow... four is nearly upon us.

It was nice spending the day with the two of them.  Something I don't get to do very often. The dynamic changes when little brother isn't around.  They played together and got along better than usual.   I think they need that quality time as much as I do. 

It was nice though, returning to our group dynamic at home.  Cooper joined in the fun after nap for some water table adventures.  We made alphabet soup.... With split green peas and bubbles in the table we went scooping for magnet alphabet letters. It started off quiet... and then.... splish splash.... the water was flying.  There was fun and giggles.... and wet kids..... it lasted for a little while and then like most adventures.... it turned.... there were tears and then.... it ended....

So in love with their different personalities...

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